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Monday, November 20, 2006

BLOG HAS MIGRATED! MY NEW BLOG ADDRESS IS http://maohuithinks.blogspot.com/

I would run round the world for you;
12:21 AM

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I would run round the world for you;
3:52 AM

Monday, October 09, 2006

That one bell ends it all. My secondary education has ended. I am going to proceed on to a whole new education soon.

Something scared me. Suddenly, I feel as if I am standing on a road with two paths for me to choose. One way has many twists and turns. The other one is a straight line. Both paths lead me to the same destination: Adulthood. Which way should I choose?

I am scared. I am slowly crepting into adulthood but I don't know what is before me.

I really am afraid.

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10:53 PM

Monday, September 18, 2006

I am going to talk about personality today. Personality is a strange word. It has a different defination to every single person. There is no ambiguous personalities. That is what make 'personality' unique. For some, personality may mean hot-tempered and kind-hearted. While for others, it may mean stingy and cheerful. You see, it is all different!

Let me give you an example. You give Mr A and Mrs B the same script and let to direct separately. The results will be totally different. Mr A's play may be a cheerful and light play. However, on the other hand, Mrs B's play may be morbid and heavy. If you ask me which I prefer, I would say I prefer the latter for my taste is in the dark and heavy department. =)

See, it all boils down to different personalities. In another scenario, when there is a fire, Mr A may run around screaming and shouting "HELP! THERE IS A FIRE!" while Mrs B would sit there and say "CALL THE FIRE STATION STUPID!".

So, what is the point I am trying to bring forth? People have different personalities. It is almost impossible to have everyone clicking. It will be a miracle if everyone in the world is friends. If your personalities do not click, why become enemies? Instead, just be neutral to each other and just utter a polite 'hi', 'thank you' and 'goodbye' to one another.

By doing this, you not only have one enemy less and instead, you may even gain a new friend!

Sigh, if everyone in the world understands, there would be no wars in the world. What a loss... ...

I would run round the world for you;
8:33 AM

Saturday, September 16, 2006

My blogging pattern is irregular. I have a bloggers' block now. How am I supposed to un-blocked it? Should I call a plumber to unblock it? Should I eat more vegetables and fruits so that I will have more dietary fibres and that my bowel movements would be more regular and thus, be un-blocked.

Being someone who prefers writing to talking, I am actually quite puzzled at my own ambitions. Since the beginnning of time, I have already had about four ambitions. God knows why I am so fickle-minded. I just canot make up my mind!

Ambition number one: Scientist. I wanted to be a scientist when I was frist introduced into the great mysteries of Science. I was really fascinated by the subject then and that I was quite talented in that area then. Quickly, I fell in love with the subject. Being young and childish, I thought that Science must be my life. So I decided to be a scientist. Well, it was not a bad choice for scientists earn quite some money.

However, as I grew, I turned wiser (I guess). I started to think in a very selfish way. So many things have been discovered by other great scientists like Einstein and Newton. Now, the things left to discovered are so complicated and that if I want to have my big break in my Science career, I guess it would be pertually impossible. I guess that was a very self-centered thought of mine then. So I moved on to my next ambition.

Ambition number two: Actor. I wanted to be an actor when I was young. I guess I was fascinated by the people in the square box sitting in my living room. When I was young, I would sit in front of the television gazing at it. I would also think to myself, "How fun it will be to be in that box one day." I guess that I, like many other peopel, are overwhelmed by the fact that actors are famous and people like to be famous. I so so mad then!

I guess my mind was made up then. When my tuition teacher asked us to write a composition entitled "My Ambition", I wrote about me wanting to be an actor. I guess it was pure luck then for the tuition teacher was the sister of someone in Mediacorp and some days later, I was casted to act as the grandchild of a witch. That was my first show - somethign about witches. I guess I was kind of hooked onto acting and I made it into my amibition. For goodness sake! I was only eight then!

Acting soon became tiring for me. Though I still like them, I decided that I should take a rest and concentrate on my studies. So I went full-fledged into studying. To my surprise, and to many other's, I actually do love studying. I fell in love with language and i started to write down everything that came into my life. I guess I was kind of inspired by the books written by Sue Townsend about Adrian Mole. The more I write, the more I fell in love with writing.

Ambition number three: Author. To think that I actually wanted to be an author. I guess I was not really thinking properly then. To be an author, you have to be really well-versed in your languages. You have to be able to write down the dictionary from the back of your head. Synomons of words have to be at the tip of your fingertips. I verntured into writing for some time and I thought that well, I like that!

However, before I confirmed that writing is my cup of tea, another selfish thought came into my mind. Being an author means that you have to churn out quality books like how chickens lay eggs. You have to be erally good to be famous and rich. So, I thought, well, am I good enough? The answer was no. So becoming an author became a definate NO for me. However, I am still indulging in some good writing here and then though.

Ambition number Four: Teacher. I guess I am inspired by the teachers all around me. I must say, I have been really good-fortuned to have met many inspiring teachers in my education road. One of the most obvious teacher was my primary school English Teacher Miss Foong. She pulled my English grade from a C to an A. I want to be a teacher when I grow up. I want to feel the satisfaction teachers get when they manage to perform a miracle on a student. I want to feel the fustration the teachers undergo when they meet with a problem student.

I guess for now, I am still stuck with the ambition of being a teacher. Come to think of it. to be a teacher, you have to be really good in two subjects. Maths is totally ruled out. What can I do? I guess perhaps Sciences. I really like Theatre Studies (Drama) but alas, there are not many schools doing theatre studies now andI dno't know whether all schools will get theatre studies when I grow up. If the answer is no, I guess I will start up a company and start to roam around the island teaching people about Drama.

I would run round the world for you;
12:20 AM

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I know someone who said, "Buy diamonds? I rather give carbon to her." Well it is true for diamonds are carbon but that is altogether another issue which, if I feel like it, I will discuss some other days.

That two sentences from him got me thinking. Human beings are materialistic people. They strive through their whole life just to enjoy a few luxuries like diamonds and flashy cars. So, is it really necessary?

There is a big difference between a want and a need.

Need: Water, Food, Oxygen, Warmth, Love, Friends and clothes.
Want: Every other things except the above mentioned.

See, we can live our lives happily too, even without all those wants. So, let us reconsider again - Do we need diamonds, big houses and flashy cars? Is it necessary to waste all the money on things like this? Or is it better for us to spend our hard-earned money on better things like providing a great education for your child or using them to help fund researches so that the world can become a better place? Even better, donate to the charity to help the needy - provide them the needs which they may not even be able to afford.

Anyways, many say that money is something that you cannot have with you when you die. You can't take money with you to the other world (if there is one).

So now the question is, " Whether we should live in luxury to enjoy life or help others enjoy life?"

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1:16 AM

Monday, September 04, 2006

The Hornet Issue
It was after PE then. Physical Education was never boring with her around. She taught us many things. One of the most memorable thing she taught us was how to squat. She succeeded because many of us know how to squat but not me. Till now, I still have not mastered the proper way of squatting.
After lesson, we all lined up in two straight lines. Each pair consist of one boy and one girl. As she lead us back to class, the girls behind started to scream. They started to shout. They started to run around as if they had red hot heels on. They pranced around as if they had fleas on their body.
"Hornet! Hornet! Help me! Save my life! I am so going to die!"
The girls just uttered gibberish. Nobody understood them. However, it was evident that a black hornet was flying around. It was flying from one girl to another. The big guy in our class stood there and laughed at the girls. No, mock is a better word to use.
She turned around. She saw the hornet and said, "It's just a hornet! Forget about it, let's go."
The girls continued to run around.
She got irritated and walked to the back. The hornet ended up dead in the end. She lead us back to class and we continued our lesson, with that incident put behind our mind. It did not fade off though, everyone remembered it.
REFLECTIONS: She did not panic when she saw the hornet. She remained calm all throughout. Being a teacher, a role model, she remained calm and lead us from one hurdle to another. This hornet was just one hurdle which we had o jump past. She held our hands and guided us through it with no sweat at all.

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7:03 AM

Name:Mao Hui
Age:15 going 16
School:Punggol Primary School [PPS]; Deyi Secondary School [DYSS]
Stress Level:60% now. Getting worse!!!.


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